The Screen Lifter: A quick and easy mounting solution for the 103 inch Panasonic plasma TV screen


The Screen Lifter has been specially designed for the World's biggest 103 inch Panasonic plasma screen. It is an innovative lifting and mounting solution that makes transporting and setting up the huge 103 inch Panansonic TV a safe and simple process. More than just a TV mount, the Screen Lifter for the 103" Panasonic plasma can raise up the world's largest 103" TV (weighing in at 220kg) to over 3 metres in the air at the touch of a button.

Designed to make transporting the 103 inch Panasonic plasma much easier and safer as well as making it easy to raise and rotate the giant screen TV, the Screen Lifter is a combination of hydraulic mount and big screen TV road case with specially-designed wheels to effortlessly move the massive plasma TV into the desired position. The case can then be removed to reveal the 103 inch plasma screen.

After the 103 inch Panasonic TV's road case is removed, the base of the Screen Lifter is then lowered to the ground by pressing a button. Once the big screen plasma TV is in the ready position, the Screen Lifter's electric lift can then raise the 103 inch Panasonic plasma to over 3 meters off the ground (and any height up to that) simply by pushing a button on the base of the Screen Lifter.

As well as raising the 103" TV, in addition the Screen Lifter also allows you to rotate the 103" Plasma 90 degrees clockwise, which allows you to view the 103" TV in either a landscape or a portrait position, making the 103 inch Panasonic and Screen Lifter an excellent combination for displaying custom-designed media or signage in a wide range of events, exhibitions, road shows, retail outlets and conferences - the possibilities really are endless.

World's largest plasma lifted by one man!!


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