Boston Pizza Case Study

Boston Pizza
Boston Pizza
Vaughan, ON
Summer 2010
Orion M-PDP (video wall)

The Installation

A group of Boston Pizza investors were looking to drive more traffic to a specific location, the Vaughan location at Highway 400 and Highway 7. This restaurant had the potential to draw many more customers than it was actually getting, and they knew something exciting had to be done to attract new customers yet maintain the feel and brand of the company.

When word of mouth spread from another franchise in Halifax / Moncton, APG Displays was called to help Boston Pizza supply a powerful audio/visual display that would attract more customers to Boston Pizza Vaughan. After examining possible solutions to the problem, APG suggested the Orion M-PDP video wall (no bezel plasma), a high impact plasma display in a 4x4 configuration (16 x 42" plasma screens combined).

This video wall was installed and became fully functional in only 2 days, and the high impact displays really revitalized the location. As customers started to come in more frequently, new patrons were attracted to the big screen and food/drink consumption increased. "Business has increased almost 20% over the last year", says Jeff Dick, the general manager of Boston Pizza Vaughan.

The displays have been used to show sports and other exciting entertainment to customers, making their experience more enjoyable and consequently enticing them to stay longer.

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About Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza (also known as Boston's The Gourmet Pizza in the United States and Mexico, and Bo Pi or BP) is a Canadian-based restaurant chain which owns and franchises locations in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Started in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964, Boston Pizza is 'two experiences under one roof' - a family-friendly casual dining restaurant with a separate sports bar.

Boston Pizza