Loose Moose Tap & Grill

Loose Moose Tap & Grill
Loose Moose Tap & Grill
Toronto, ON
September 2007
Infinite Plasma, Crestron control system (CP2E control unit and a TPS-4000L rack mounted touch panel), Kramer Scan Converters and Video Distribution Amplifiers (VP-502xl, 103YCB & PT-102S),an Altinex 16x32 component video with stereo audio Matrix Switcher, Channel Plus modulator and RF distribution amplifiers, Audio Authority video to HD scalers and Middle Atlantic Equipment racks

About Loose Moose

SIR, which stands for Service Inspired Restaurants®, is a privately held Canadian corporation in the business of creating, owning and operating full service restaurants in Canada. SIR currently owns and operates a diverse portfolio of restaurants that have been characterized by SIR as Concept Restaurants and Signature Restaurants. Loose Moose is part of their Signature restaurants that are one-of-a-kind brands that range in offerings from fine dining with award winning menus to a very active sports bar in Toronto's entertainment district. With its high-energy, carefree atmosphere and a perfect mix of current and classic rock, the Loose Moose is considered one of Toronto's hottest bars.

Project Details

Sir Corp wanted to revamp and make over the Loose Moose. The scope of work was to join and update the two previously separate restaurants - The Armadillo upstairs and the Loose Moose downstairs into the new Loose Moose.

The APG Solution

SIR Corp hired contractors to install a new staircase which now joins the two levels and also houses a new DJ booth above the staircase landing. APG was then contracted to do the install and to help create the new look and atmosphere. The result was amazing!

The upstairs is now the main bar/dining area with a live DJ, Plasma Video wall and stage area for weekend bands, while the downstairs is more focused on being the "Sports Bar" with multiple monitors and the plasma Video wall as the main attraction behind the bar.

Other requirements included moving a video projector to the other side of the bar to project onto a brick wall upstairs, installing two client supplied speakers at the stage area and a new amplifier into the rack to feed these speakers. New outdoor speakers were also installed to replace two older faulty speakers. A 3x3 MPDP video wall was installed behind the bar on each level and both can display up to 9 different images as well as various magnifications of any source at any time. All of the existing monitors on both levels can now display any of the new sources as well. The sources are 9 new HD cable TV receivers, 2 DVD players and 2 channels of PC Music graphics.

It was decided to re-use the two existing audio systems since they were still functioning. The audio equipment upstairs had to be removed from behind the bar and re-installed into the new equipment racks. This meant disconnecting and documenting the old install which consisted of equipment sitting on many shelves under the main bar.

Audio can be sent to both levels from the upstairs DJ mixer or from the downstairs DJ mixer if need be. All video and audio switching is controlled from the rack mounted touch panel at the upstairs DJ position.

HD video is sent through the main switcher. All sources are either HD to start with or they are up converted to HD before being sent to the switcher. The HD outputs are sent directly out to the MPDP video walls and to the HD ready plasmas but are down converted and sent as video or RF feeds to all other bar monitors.

Loose Moose Tap & Grill