Leyard 2.5mm LED Display

AViary Mgpi Solo

Leyard high definition TV indoor LED display is ideal for TV station, advanced conference room, high-end showroom and central control room, as well as even command post of government and military institution.

Compared with traditional projectors and LCD splicing walls, Leyard LED Displays gives higher brightness, better color rendition, wider color gamut, clearer movie images, as well as seamless and unlimited super large screen splicing, offering multi-image splitting and splicing and multi-screen resources sharing.

Features and Advantages

  • 2.5mm pixel pitch
  • Features full display, high efficiency, consistent image, a continuous surface, as well as no flat felled seams.
  • High contrast rate offer a series of rich pictures and many excellent visual experiences for audience.
  • Can be seen at several different viewing angles, greatly expanding the scope of audience.
  • Due to pixel by pixel calibration, the product offers uniform color and brightness.
  • Function of displaying multi screens and the screen can be customized in any quantity and size. Super screen will come into being if more screens are spliced together.
  • High efficiency power supply system is characterized by non-toxic, energy saving and environment friendly.