Plasma Video Walls - Auto Showroom Applications

Impress potential customers with a seamless infinite plasma video wall in your auto showroom installed by APG Displays.

An impressively sleek video wall for your automotive dealership will generate new business.

Installing a video wall in your auto dealership will create the ultimate in luxury audio visual viewing for potential customers who visit your dealership. Infinite plasma video walls, available for permanent custom install from APG Displays, are sleek and minimalistic "walls" of video display made by tiling together custom plasma panels, which have built in software to allow you to control what high definition video content you display on the screen. The Orion brand of plasma video walls, available exclusively from APG Displays in Canada, is the best-known name in luxury video wall technology for its bezel-less plasma panel construction. This feature means that the Orion infinite plasma video wall installed in your dealership would have just a 3mm edge around the video wall, and since these big screen plasma panels are just 3 inches in depth, you have an audio visual solution that is flexible in terms of where you install it, and incredibly sleek in terms of how the video wall looks.

Rent a big screen video wall from APG Displays for a new car launch at your car dealership

If you would like to try out an Infinite plasma video wall from Orion and APG Displays before installing a plasma video wall permanently in your car dealership, a great time to try out a videowall and see how it looks in your automotive showroom is when a new automobile line is being launched. Host a private party for existing and potential customers at your automobile showroom and impress them with a video wall in a range of impressive sizes from the APG Displays video wall rental division. Video walls are minimalistic in their construction and do not take up much space, so you can easily use a video wall rental from APG Displays for audio visual features such as videos of the new car in action, live or recorded messages from big names in your auto company or advertisements for your car dealership.

If you're looking for digital signage for your showroom, give APG a call and we'll be pleased to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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