Plasma Video Walls - Auto Showroom Applications

Infinite Plasma Video Walls for Control rooms and Command Centres.

Create a giant video wall screen in your command room or control centre to ensure efficient monitoring of video feeds.

In command rooms and control centres efficient monitoring of video feeds is essential, and so a crisp and vivid large screen infinite plasma video wall from APG Displays is a perfect fit. No matter how big your control room or command centre is, you can construct an infinite plasma video wall that is the right size for the space you have available so that everyone can see what is being displayed on the video wall screen, from wide viewing angles if necessary.

Crisp and pure video wall images for any control room.

With their expandable dimensions and crystal clear, flicker free images, plasma panel video walls from APG Displays are the right choice for command rooms and control centres where a high level of detail in the video images being displayed is important.

Modular video wall panels give you full flexibility over what content you show on the video wall.

By their nature, seamless big screen video walls from APG Displays are modular in their construction since they are made from a number of individual video wall panels sized between 40 and 50 inches which are then joined together to create the master video wall. This means that while the video wall in your command or control center can be used to display one giant video image across all the component plasma panels in the video wall, you can also show different content on each individual video wall screens should you wish to. This makes a large screen video wall ideal for use in a control room or command centre since you can display different video feeds on each different video wall panel (for example, individual security camera footage), and then switch to a full screen video wall display of any of the individual video feeds when necessary.

Easy to use software ensures that everyone will be able to manipulate the images displayed on the video wall.

Easy to use software, which can be installed on any laptop, makes switching between video feeds on the video wall an easy and intuitive process. Drag and drop functionality makes it simple to create picture-in-picture video images and spread a video feed across all the individual panels in the video wall for full screen video wall display.

If you're looking for digital signage for your control or command centre, give APG a call and we'll be pleased to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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