Plasma Video Walls - Restaurant and Bar Applications

Huge, seamless video walls for sports bars and restaurants will increase your profits.

Sports bars and restaurants need a great-looking video offering for sports events.

Modern sports bars rely on the quality of their video entertainment in order to entice customers to their establishments for the big game or fight. During big sports events, sports bars (and restaurants specializing in sports entertainment) have traditionally used projectors and projector screens to create a bigger audiovisual viewing area so that the majority of people in the bar will be able to see what is happening on the screen. However this often produces a low-quality washed out image which can become almost unwatchable in bright conditions.

Get a seriously good video entertainment solution.

For sports bars and restaurants that are serious about their video entertainment, LCD and plasma is the way forward - but not just any LCD or plasma screen will do. Smaller plasma and LCD screens are fine for close-up viewing, but when a big sporting event is taking place, such as the Superbowl or World Series, a bigger video screen is essential. This is where APG Displays can help your sports bar or restaurant become the best place in town to watch the big game or fight.

Create a bigger video screen for watching sports than your competition.

Video walls are seamless infinite plasma arrays made from a number of individual plasma 42 inch display panels which are joined together to create a larger video wall. Since the edge around each plasma panel is almost invisible, the big screen video wall created looks seamless - the video literally stops only at the video wall's edge. Because video walls are made by joining together video panels, to create a bigger video wall than anyone else you simply have to add more panels to the array. In-built software on each screen means control over the video wall as it gets larger is no problem - you can create a video wall screen for watching sports that your competition will not be able to match.

Minimalistic seamless infinite plasma walls integrate easily into your sports bar.

The seamless nature of Infinite plasma panel video walls from APG Displays means that the edge surrounding the large video wall you install in your sports bar or restaurant will be extremely thin, which creates what looks almost like a "floating image" which has to be seen to be believed. The minimalistic construction of the Orion infinite plasma video wall and its sleek, less than 3mm edges make for easy integration into any sports bar, especially more modern bars and restaurants or bars and restaurants going through a refurbishment process. A range of mounting options for the infinite plasma video wall gives the sports bar owner full flexibility over how the video wall is positioned in the bar or restaurant. Many bar and restaurant operators choose to mount the slim-footprint screens directly on to the wall above the bar or in other high traffic areas where many people will be able to watch the massive video wall screen.

Modular construction gives you full control over your sports programming

Seamless infinite plasma walls from APG Displays are made by linking together plasma panels, each of which comes with in-built specially-designed video wall control software. With advanced digital circuit design and an exclusive digital processor, infinite plasma panel video walls are able to display a wide variety of visual images and effects which will produce incredible images when you show sports programming in your bar or restaurant. The in-built control system allows you and your bar and restaurant staff to easily control which sports are being shown on the video wall screen. For big events, stretch the image across the entire video wall. For sports events happening at the same time, for example in the fall when many sports games are happening simultaneously, use the software functionality of the modular video walls to display different video feeds on each panel or create picture-in-picture displays. Switch between video feeds on full-screen mode on the fly for game-breaking situations, using provided video wall software that is incredibly simple to use and easily installed on any laptop or computer.

If you're looking for digital signage for your bar or restaurant, give APG a call and we'll be pleased to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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