Plasma Video Walls - Retail Applications

Install a video wall from APG Displays in your retail environment to bring your store’s audiovisual offering way above that of your competitors.

Seamless infinite plasma video walls are giant screens made up individual plasma panels.

In the world of flat screen televisions and video displays bigger always means better, and now seamless video walls are available for retail installation from APG Displays which will allow you to create a video screen that can be as big as you want it to be.

What are seamless infinite plasma video walls?

Seamless plasma video walls from APG Displays are big screen video walls made by panelling together two or more video wall plasma panels. The size of video wall you can make is infinite, which is why they are called Infinite Plasma Video Walls, and so for a bigger video wall than anyone else's you can simply add more individual plasma panels to the video wall to create a screen for your retail environment that will be the envy of your competitors

Bezel-less video wall panel construction for a sleek, minimalistic video wall design.

Video walls from APG Displays are bezel-less, meaning that the border around each individual plasma video wall panel is extremely thin. This creates a "seamless" effect when joining the video wall panels together to create the large video wall screen, causing minimal interruption to your video programming when viewing content on your video wall in full-screen mode across all its component video wall panels. This bezel-less construction has the added benefit of ensuring that the outer edge of the video wall in your retail environment is extremely thin too, creating a sleek and minimalistic look which is impossible with a regular flat screen television solution.

Create a seamless video wall in an arrangement that fits your retail space.

While seamless infinite video walls from APG Displays are often constructed in a regular rectangular format, just like regular LCD or Plasma flat screen but much, much larger, these flexible and stunning video walls have other configuration options available. Infinite plasma video walls can also be used in more interesting configurations to suit any retail space or to create video walls in imaginative, traffic-stopping formations.

For an alluring and high tech entranceway, create two videowalls in a one panel by five panel configuration on either side of the entrance for two video wall columns that could be used to show virtual models showing off clothes or other custom-designed video content.

Use a seamless infinite plasma video wall in a five panel by one panel configuration above a store checkout for a long, thin video wall that stretches the length of the checkout and can be used to display store specials, advertising or video entertainment for your customers.

If you're looking for digital signage for your retail environment, give APG a call and we'll be pleased to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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