Plasma Video Walls - Places of Worship Applications

Install a seamless LCD or Plasma Video Wall from APG Displays in your place of worship to increase the clarity and retention of your message.

Create a huge video wall that the entire audience of a large venue will be able to see.

Video walls from APG Displays are infinitely expandable. For smaller houses of worship you could construct a 2 panel by 2 panel video wall, and you can get bigger from there, which means that even if you are working with a huge auditorium or stage that is far away from your audience, you can build a seamless infinite plasma video wall that is big enough to make your video content visible even for people situated at the back of your place of worship. Crisp and vivid high definition images look incredible on seamless infinite plasma video walls of any size, from smaller four panel video walls to giant screens, such as the 64 panel 8 screen by 8 screen video wall that APG Displays has previously constructed for a client.

Install a big screen video wall displays for spaces with high ambient light.

Video walls from APG Displays are big screen video displays that use plasma or LCD video wall technology. This means that in a place of worship with high ambient light conditions, video images on the video wall are still perfectly crisp and vivid and are not washed out, unlike video images displayed on a traditional projector and projection screen arrangement. Video walls are the premier choice for large places of worship that need their video message to be visible to everyone present.

Enjoy flexibility with the media you display on your infinite plasma video wall at your place of worship.

Video walls from APG Displays are designed to be flexible in terms of the content that you can display on them. Choose any kind of high definition programming such as a cable feed or a blu-ray disk, or create custom-designed video for your place of worship that can be played by connecting your place of worship's video wall to a PC, Mac or laptop. With a modular video wall from APG Displays you can show different video sources on different panels, for example for a picture-in-picture video wall display, and all the software that makes this possible is simple to use and can be installed on any laptop or computer.

If you're looking for digital signage for your place of worship, give APG a call and we'll be pleased to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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