Prysm Olympic Videowalls

Eco-Friendly Modular Videowall Displays

An ideal display solution with low power usage, design flexibility and vibrant picture quality.

Prysm Olympic Videowalls

Olympic video walls allow architects, designers and brand managers to create unique, engaging experiences that make an impact. They offer an unmatched combination of breathtaking beauty, unprecedented scalability and best-in-class energy efficiency. The tiles can be assembled to create videowalls of virtually any size or shape. The screens can also be set out in curved formations on its precision engineered bracket system, ensuring each tile can be adjusted for the optimum seam gap.

Each LPD panel draws just 30 Watts of power, making it approximately four times more efficient than an average LCD screen; perfect for any application where power requirements must be kept to a minimum.


  • Bezel Free - No frames or bezels break up the image
  • Virtually Seamless - 0.5 mm separation between TD2 Tiles
  • Wide Viewing Angles - 178° in any direction with no color shift
  • Uniform Image Quality Over Time - Automatic real-time monitoring and adjustment ensures brightness and color uniformity across the entire video wall over time
  • Low Power Consumption - On average, 65% less power than legacy large format display technologies


  • Executive briefing center or a corporate lobby
  • Auditoriums
  • Broadcast studios
  • Command and control

Enhance display quality and viewer satisfaction - Bright, saturated colour engages viewers with your broadcast content, making for great sets to add punch and realism to your storytelling. Upgrade to Nanolumens Studio Pro LED displays to give your technical team a display to put them in the lead, and to make your production pop.


LPD uses solid state ultra-violet lasers to scan across a surface of phosphor cells within the display panel to excite the phosphor and create the image on the screen.

LPD technology consists of three main parts: the laser engine, laser processor, and the phosphor cell, and the phospher panel. Fundamentally different from LED- and LCD-based techonologies, LPD videowalls offer brilliant image quality, unmatched viewing angles, and the industry's most energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions. Compared to other digitak technologies, LPD technology has the lowest total cost of owership and offers highly-competitive features, benefits and usages possibilities.

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Public Spaces

Application Space
Video Wall Transit / Transportation Hubs:
Train Stations
Bus Depots

Municipal Facilities:
Aquatics Centers
Recreation Centers

Corporate Spaces

Application Space
Video Wall Convention Centers
Hotel Lobbies and Ballrooms
Retail Windows
Commercial Building Lobbies

Retail Spaces

Application Space
Video Wall Retail:
Shopping Malls
Retail Stores

Theme Parks
Hotels and Resorts
Window Displays Retail:
Shopping Malls
Retail Stores