Ultra Slim Bezel

World's Slimmest Bezel 60" LED Displays* for Virtually Seamless Multi-Screen Video Walls

Sharp ultra

The Sharp 60" LCD displays are the ideal choice for exciting, virtually seamless multi-screen video wall configuration. With professional design, high image quality and 24/7 certified reliability, the PNV600/PNV601 brings almost limitless digital signage and display possibilities to shopping malls, airport, museums, stadiums, control centres and more.

Sharp's ultra-slim bezel (6.5 mm) allows for the display of large, crisp, and dynamic images that will catch the eyes of many. ANd since these multi-screen configurations can be set up almost anywhere space allows, the only thing left to do is tap the boundless human imagination and explore all the possibilities that multi-screen configurations have to offer.

Screen Size42"
Dimension926 (w) x 523 (h) x 76.5mm (d)
Display area921 x 518mm

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Orion infinite plasma



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